History homework help

Discussion 1 anthropology
Issues of religion have been in the news lately.  What do you think the role of organized religious institutions should be in influencing public policy in the US?

discussion 2  history

1. Discuss the rise of the warrior class in Japan.
2. Why did this not happen in China?
Answer the following questions:

  1. Discuss the state of Ethiopia, how it began and how it differed from the rest of Africa.
  2. Why were the Bantu migrations so important to the cultural development and cohesion of early African civilizations?  How did the arrival of the Muslims change North Africa?
  3. How did the Indian Ocean community affect the economic and political development of East Africa?

Write a MINIMUM three-page document, double-spaced, 12 font, with detailed information in a Windows Word, Google document, or PDF file.  Cite your sources after each question.  (Judge, page numbers), (recorded lectures), etc.  Use the link above to attach and submit the assignment. Thanks.
Discussion 3
1. What does Islam have in common with Christianity?
2. How do they differ?


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