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Discussion Board Forum 4 – Module/Week 7 — Rome and “The Barbarians” – HIEU 322 – Roman Civilization
You are required to create a thread in response to the provided promptly. Each thread must be at least 125 words.
Topic: Rome and the Barbarians
Using the website in the Reading & Study folder, discuss the Germanic invasions into the empire. What is the author’s argument? How might one counter his arguments?
Rome’s Final Conquest: The Barbarians – PDF (Link 2, if 1st don’t work – https://gofile.io/d/ClVjf3)
History of the Roman People – This link to access the Ward et al. e-book. – PDF (eBook ISBN9781315511214) – (Link 2, if 1st don’t work – https://gofile.io/d/ClVjf3) – Textbook Readings: Ward et al.: ch. 35


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