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Assessment description and marking criteria

Learning Outcomes

Anglia Ruskin modules are taught on the basis of intended learning outcomes and, on successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to demonstrate you have met these outcomes.

  1. Knowledge and Understanding: Define the scope of an appropriate area for structured desk-based investigation/design/development
  2. Knowledge and Understanding: Collect, organise, understand, and interpret information from a variety of appropriate resources, acting autonomously, with minimal supervision
  3. Knowledge and Understanding: Identify, select and justify the use of appropriate techniques, methods and development strategies
  4. Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Critically evaluate evidence to justify and support conclusions/recommendations
  5. Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills:Communicate effectively in a form appropriate to the topic chosen and audience identified, and produce detailed and coherent work

Element 010 Title Undergraduate Major Project (Desk-Based)


This module is assessed by a 10,000 word dissertation on a business management related topic of your own choosing. This can be a more in depth analysis and evaluation of a topic which you have previously studied in the course or something completely different. Your UGMP will be specific and unique to each individual. It is the author who decides the topic, the content, the method…and how much effort s/he wants to put in to it.
This method of assessment has been chosen as it is very likely that this dissertation will be the largest project you will have completed in your degree so far. You will gain very valuable employability skills and the skills required for project management.
This module requires you to develop your chosen topic into a specific project with your supervisor. You will be required to conduct literature reviews, evaluate and critically appraise a range of information, investigate and adopt suitable desk-based methodologies and theoretical frameworks to work within, process data, and determine solutions to those problems. This module does NOT permit you to engage in primary research data generation, i.e. gathering data by conducting your own surveys, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups or other forms of primary data collection is NOT permitted for the purposes of this research. The research must be carried out using secondary data only.

Weighting: 100%
You will be marked on Grademark according to the following criteria:

Introduction: Is the abstract adequate?
Is there a clear purpose and rationale for the study?
Clear set of objectives/research question?                                                                                                     10 marks
Use of Literature and Sources: Was the range suitable and adequate?
Has a critical review of the literature been adopted?
Has a suitable theoretical framework for your study been established?                             25 marks
Method: Was the method used explained clearly?
Was the method used appropriate?                                                                                                                              15 marks
Results, Analysis & Interpretation of data:
Has the data been accurately presented and analysed or are the findings merely a description?
Was appropriate theory applied?
Is there an attempt to interpret the findings?                                                                                                                              30 marks
Conclusion: Are conclusions reasoned?
Do they correspond with the objectives of the research?                                                                         10 marks
Presentation: Structure and Language
Harvard referencing applied                                                                                                                                10 marks

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