Human Resource Management homework help

Que: Write a paper discussing a Covid19 business issue and how this issue is managed with people management actions With the understanding that human resource management refers to the techniques or actions used to manage the people resource in an organization and that its purpose is to gain competitive advantage and maintain uniqueness for the organization in the marketplace, discuss two aspects of HRM that Covid19 has impacted within organizations around the world.
• Explain a business situation(s)/challenge(s) that has occurred in organizations, due to Covid19.
• Explain, using two (2) HRM examples, how organizations may have responded to this business situation(s)/challenge(s).
• Include in your discussion what you think should be considered in the HRM response to this situation/challenge. (For example, if you have identified that an organization should lay-off some of its employees, as an HRM response to the Covid19 situation, discuss what the organization should consider in how and when they cease the employees’ employment.)
• Indicate whether you think these HRM responses are any different, or should be different, from how an organization may have responded to a business situation in 2019, prior to the global pandemic
NB. This paper is not meant to address a research question, so you do not need to support your discussion with evidence. This is a thought-provoking question to help you understand what HRM includes and how important it is to an organization that owners and managers understand best practices of HRM.


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