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“What it means to become an Employer of Choice,” (2016) Employer of Choice International, Inc.; Retrieved from
Participants will write a 5-7 page paper (APA format) in which they develop a concept of what it means to be an Employer of Choice. The paper will include advocacy for three actions or programs that a given organization could take toward becoming an Employer of Choice and support for the argument of why becoming an Employer of Choice is important for the organization.  These papers are designed to develop the participant’s critical thinking through analysis and evaluation and to develop advocacy communication skills, as well as an opportunity to synthesize views on organizational development from a systems perspective
            THIS IS A POSITION PAPER.  Participants should gather information from credible sources (books, journals or websites) that satisfy credibility standards as outlined in the APA link in Moodle.  Such sources should include supplemental readings.
Each position paper will be submitted to as a Word document file using the tool not later than the last day of the week in which the syllabus indicates the paper is due. is a tool to help you gain more understanding and practice with accurate citation of source materials.


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