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Unit 2 Discussion
Strategic Training and Competitive Advantage
Any successful organization must know what success looks like and how to get there. Central to both an organization’s success and the means to get there, is understanding an organization’s competitive advantage. Organizations must understand why customers would prefer their organizational product to another organization’s product. What criteria do customers use in making their purchasing decisions? What are the distinctions that your organization’s product has that will align with customer purchasing criteria? Customers have many options, what is it about your product that will lead customers to prefer it to other products? This discussion will give you a better understanding of competitive advantage.
In the Unit 1 assignment, you determined an organization’s business strategy by first identifying an organization, completing a SWOT on that organization, and then determining an appropriate business strategy for that organization. In Unit 2, you will link that same organization’s business strategy to competitive advantage, business goals, and strategic training initiatives.
This discussion will focus on Porter’s Competing Forces. Competitive advantage is about understanding Competing Forces. Identify and explain the four forces governing competition in an industry. Identify the force most relevant to your organization. Explain why it is relevant. Identify and explain the strategic TD initiative you would propose to address that competitive force. Refer to your Noe text pages 70–82 and 90–93


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