Human Resource Management homework help

Another method of tracking/organizing your research is using an Annotated Bibliography.  An annotated bibliography is one of the most important tools in conducting research. It is a list of sources on a particular topic that includes a brief summary of the article in your own words (not copying the abstract) and the connection that supports your paper.
Once you have identified your primary or secondary research topic(s), then you will begin to research and complete an Annotated Bibliography. .
You must select, read, and review 5 scholarly articles on your human resource topic(s). The articles must be peer reviewed journal articles from either Welder Library Eresources or Google Scholar.  Articles from dot com’s or dot org websites will not be accepted. 
Provide an annotated bibliography properly formatted in APA that addresses the following for each article.
More information regarding an Annotated Bibliography is located in the module 4 Read and Review section.
An annotated bibliography should avoid first person and be completed using APA format and include:

  •  The purpose of the study
  •  The findings of the study
  • The relevance of the study to the student’s scholarly interests

Grading Rubric: 40 points
Each article is worth 6 points and will be evaluated using the information below.

  • 2 points – Article is peer reviewed and credible and comes from Welder Library Eresouces or Google Scholar
  • 2 points – Summary is a minimum or six sentences and provided the purpose of the study and the findings of the study in the student’s own words.
  • 2 points – Relevance to scholarly interest- student avoids first person and clearly makes a connection to how the information connects to their subject/paper. This should be a minimum of 2 sentences.
  • 10 points – Proper APA format.

Please remember our focus is on five of the following topics:

  • Remote Working Plan (telework)
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Managing Employee Communication
  • Maintaining Organizational Culture
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Engaging Remote Employees
  • Essential versus Non-Essential Employees
  • Implementation of Preventative Measures
  • Considerations to Remain Open or Re-Opening
  • Investment in Technology
  • Handling of Sick Leave and/or Time-Off


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