Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. For this Portfolio Milestone, perform the following:

  • provide a two-page submission in Module 2 noting your selected option for the Portfolio Project found in Module 8,
  • a timeline of activities over the remaining weeks for portfolio production,
  • concerns and roadblocks you have on the portfolio, and
  • how you will overcome those. No need for formal APA submission for this assignment.

Your timeline of activities is most critical as are your concerns, roadblocks, and how you will overcome those. It is expected that your timeline shows at least one task each week from Week 2 through Week 8, and many weeks should have multiple tasks. Every effort should be made to thoroughly examine your portfolio options, and to complete this milestone in Week 2 to give you enough time to complete the work. Once your work on this milestone is graded, you may not change portfolio options and should move forward with your Week 2 selection.
Option from module 8 info : Option #1: Develop Applications Relative to Course Objectives
As part of successfully completing this course, you should be able to master the eight course objectives:

  1. Demonstrate the need for project management metrics.
  2. Establish the importance of metrics in effective management of time, cost, and scope.
  3. Apply the knowledge of project metrics to identify the key characteristics of properly defined metrics.
  4. Characterize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as used in metric-driven project management.
  5. Apply value-based project management metrics as important in selecting the right metrics.
  6. Explore project performance dashboards including designs, use, and limitations.
  7. Explore the applications of visual project management tools, including project performance dashboards.
  8. Create proper performance indicators for application in measurement-driven project management.

In this portfolio project, you are to show your mastery of the eight course objectives at a master’s level. You are to write a paper that covers each of the eight topics.
Notice that each objective is written with a verb as the first word to show some action that students must achieve for success in this class. Verbs like “demonstrate,” “apply,” and “create” require that the student takes some action on a project to satisfy the requirement. You should find a project to use in this portfolio where you may take those actions and document them in your paper. You might apply earned value analysis on a project underway to satisfy course objective number 5, for example.
Verbs like “establish,” “characterize,” and “explore” require that the student shows mastery of current thinking on the subject. This part of your paper may be taken from research, or interviews. You might explore an application of dashboards by interviewing a project manager and performing research on current thinking about dashboards, for example.

Human Resource Management homework help


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