Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. The grading for this assignment will be based on the following criteria demonstrating mastery:

1.       Communicates practical implications in a concise and well thought out manner
2.       Communicates ideas in a well-organized, professional and coherent manner
3.       Communicates, organizes and synthesizes information from sources to fully achieve a specific purpose and justify analyses, with clarity and depth
4.       Effectively defines the scope of the  question; effectively determines key concepts; types of information selected directly relate to concepts or answer question.
5.       Communicates, organizes and synthesizes information from sources to fully achieve a specific purpose and justify analyses, with clarity and depth

Text Specific:

  • What is innovation? The text identified four modes and Ferran’s “Pyramid of Creativity” – how do these concepts relate to your perception of innovation applied to food and beverage?


  • elBulli became a master organization that was adept at managing creativity and change. Based on your reading and insights, what are some processes that were important in developing this culture at elBulli? As a future leader – what aspects do you believe are crucial to facilitating innovation and change in any organization?

Reflective learning outcome related questions:

  • Assume that you are designing an evaluation tool or survey to assess a new food and beverage concept. Provide a narrative on the process you would use and key considerations to ensure the evaluation process provides valid results.


  • An activity this semester was creating a “Perfect Pitch” for your concept. Describe how you would design this “pitch” (in general), define the key aspects that should be remembered to enhance its impact.


  • Based on your experience this semester, provide a narrative on how this innovation process provided for an integration of skills and knowledge learnt throughout the Hospitality Business Management degree program.


  • Were aspects of this class/group process helpful in developing analytical thinking and problem solving skills through the process of new product/service innovation applied to food and beverage situations? In so, please describe which aspects were most effective and why? If not, please describe any thoughts/recommendations on how the course process might be improved to facilitate critical thinking and problem-solving?


  • Based on your group project/concept, provide an overview of how your group identified key cause and effect relationships between performance measures (i.e. indicating potential success or failure of your idea) and their causes (these might include – competitors, company, regulatory, demand and environment & trends within a food and beverage context).


  • What learning outcomes for working in project teams were learned or reinforced (this can be defined by specific points in the course process, specific group experiences that occurred or learning outcomes throughout the process from idea to launch event).


  • Describe the specific examples of where in this class/group process you developed/reinforced your ability to plan, analyze and apply market research and information systems knowledge for the strategic business planning process applied to innovations.


  • Reflect on your written and verbal presentation skills before and at the conclusion of this course. Describe where or how this class process enhanced your written and verbal presentation skills.  And, what changes might be done to further enhance written or verbal skill development?


Human Resource Management homework help


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