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INSY 4315 Advanced Web Programming
Project Instruction
This project asks you to design a professional looking website with all the tools we learned throughout the semester. You are welcome to choose any topic you are interested in, for example, personal portfolio, community, hobby, a company or non-profit organization, tourism of a place. Sample projects can be found at
Submit the Project Data Sheet to the Assignment Section on Blackboard as a submission to the Project. All web files (htm, css, js, aspx, cs, database files, etc.) must be uploaded to your directory on the wdv server account (details will be given soon) by then. Or if you choose not to do the server programming (no aspx, cs, xml and database files), you can upload all files to your student web server. Make sure all htm and aspx files allow visit through the web.
General Requirements:
• Creative design
• Easy navigation
• Aesthetic interfaces
• Consistency throughout the site
• Individualistic
• You cannot incorporate exactly the same previous assignments or lab exercises as part of this project fulfillment.
Specific Requirements (Minimum):
• Page Layout: table or CSS layers
• At least 6 pages: the main page must be named index.html. (Note: if you use frames the frameset, navigation, and header pages, combined, count as one page.)
• Images: at least 5 different images should be used (All images should be in one folder.)
• Tables: at least 2 (with or without borders)
• Forms: at least 1 (validated with HTML 5, JavaScript, or ASP.NET)
• CSS: all pages should be linked to an external stylesheet (limited use of inline style rules, and embedded rules)
• JavaScript/DHTML/DOM Scripting: at least 4 scripts (form validation can count as 1). Original and/or more difficult scripts get more points. Form validation (beyond a simple required field) would be considered a more difficult script even though it is not very original. An example of a simple script would be putting the date on the page. The scripts can be any combination of embedded and external.
• (Optional) ASP.NET: Retrieve information from and write to a database.
• (Optional) Retrieve data from an XML file.
• Specific Requirements 75%
• Design /Ease of Use/Consistency 15%
• Professionalism 10%
This is an individual assignment. In other words, no two pages should be alike.
Note: These Project Notes are subject to change by the instructor
by either verbal or written statement.


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