Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help. Web PROJECT                                       DUE DATE: Tuesday Midnight, Week 10
Development Sprint 1: Coding your MVP

As a work team

  1. Build your MVP.
  2. Content Strategist to co-ordinate documents uploaded into Learnline for submission
  3. IXD (Interaction Designer) to co-ordinate submission aspects of GitHub

Specific details for how teams are to do this are outlined below.
Co-ordination means – organise the team to complete the task – NOT DO IT YOURSELF (unless you are a team of one)

  1. Responsibilities (Content Strategist)

Outline who is doing what in detail to show how the team is managing this work.

  • Create a document ‘Development Responsibilities’ and ensure your names, team name & roles are included
  • Outline who is co-ordinating what, why and how the team is contributing to each task.This information should match with the work done.
  • Upload the ‘Development Responsibilities’ document in Learnline assessment submission point. Also keep it in your Google Drive.


  1. Code your MVP

Build your MVP (IXD to co-ordinate)

  1. From the discussion and feedback on your paper prototype MVP, team decides what changes need to be made and what you need to keep.
  2. Document the changes and diagram your new MVP


  1. Code the MVP and regularly commit your work to your Team Git repository with meaningful commit messages
  2. Setup the directory structure for HTML, CSS, JS, Images and other resources
  • Create necessary html, css and JS files and start working on it.
  1. Commit this to your team github account for your project
  2. Each team member must commit something to get a team mark!



  1. MVP

Submit (Either Content strategiest or IXD can upload it, decide yourself)

  1. In a Team GitHub repository: your code (All team members must commit code if they want marks)
  2. In Learnline Submission (Development Sprint 1): Development Responsibilities document, links to Github and GitHub pages



  1. MVP
Individual: (50) Group (50)
Code Contributions (25)
HTML and CSS follow best practices (15)
Originality/ JS (10)
MVP Explanation & Plan (25)
MVP Implementation (20)
Originality (5)


Information Systems homework help


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