Information Systems homework help

Project Management. 
Research project manager’s positions and please post the following. Please do not copy and paste from web sites.
Find three different job postings in the area you live in for a Project Manager. What are the items in the three job ads that are the same? Are there any major differences? Also, look up how much a project manager earns in your area. 
Of the three IT Project Manager jobs I researched some of the commonalities in line with the SDLC models we have discussed during this class. Items like collaborate with customers, partners, sales, marketing, and other business stakeholders to gather requirements and determine solutions. Other items were maintaining project schedule by monitoring project progress; coordinating activities; resolving problems. Performing risk management to minimize project risks was another common thread. All the jobs were looking people with knowledge of Agile concepts. Two of the job preferred PMP certifications. Two wanted B.S./B.A. degrees; one preferred a M.S./M.A. degree, and oddly enough one only required High School or equivalent for education requirements. Two mentioned SCRUM but only one was looking a SCRUM Master. In the Tidewater area the typical salary for an IT Project Manager is between $71,000 and $94,000 a year. This is right in line with the national average.
In your opinion was any of the information that you uncovered in your search interesting or surprising?
If the truth be known the answer is no. This is my second masters level course directly or indirectly dealing with project management. Additionally, I have been involved in various government contracts in my last ten years of employment. One project I had the fortune to ride from beginning to end. This is rare in the project world. For most they enter at the beginning or middle, or end but rarely all three. The one truth I know about project management is that the project manager is the first to get hired and usually the first to get fired. One example is a project I worked on had six project managers in a five-year period. Some left voluntarily some not. Lastly it has been a pleasure attending this class and virtually meeting all you.


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