Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

Part 1
Review the statement of scope and WBS from the scenario of the office relocation project.
Then complete the statement of scope and WBS for your own scenario of project.
Statement on the scope of office relocations 
For the next three years we will be assessing
our current needs as well as the growth needs. We will identify, select, lease, and create a layout of an office in a new building and move our business. We will seek to make as much use as possible of existing infrastructure. Changing our existing building is NOT an option.
Office Relocation WBS 
Using WBS the scope of the office relocation project is developed. The WBS is a structured
outline of deliverables for the project.
Refer again to the project you selected in the last assignment for which a charter and stakeholder analysis was created. To complete the following assignment, use this project and the examples for the office relocation project scenario.
1. Create a statement about the scope of a project. Follow the example given in the scenario for relocating the office.
2. Use the bureau relocation WBS as a guide to create a WBS for your selected project.
Page Minimum 1
Part 2
Essay Questions- Respond to each essay question with a minimum of 300 Words. Cite your sources and include references for each.  APA format
Essay question 1: The WBS contains only project deliverables rather than tasks or activities. What in your view are the benefits of describing the project scope in this way? Why not for example begin with a task list?
Essay question 2: The WBS is organized in the form of a structured outline. Describe how you might employ the WBS to estimate project scope.
Essay question 3: The WBS is developed after the project scope statement. In what way, if any, are the scope statement and the WBS related? Why are both required?
Essay question 4: In addition to the WBS, the PMBOK describes the WBS dictionary as part of the scope baseline. Explain the WBS dictionary and discuss its relationship to the WBS.
Essay question 5: A WBS is said to contain multiple levels. What in your view is the purpose of having levels in the WBS? How many levels would you consider to be optimal?
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Information Systems homework help


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