Information Systems homework help

Question 1:
As a result of your successful completion of SEC435 and subsequent earning of
your Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, you’ve decided to offer your
services as a penetration tester/consultant. You are in the process of putting
together the “toolkit” you will use during your engagements.
Discuss which sniffing tools you would include in your toolkit, why you would
choose these tools, and the capabilities and benefits each will bring to your
testing process.
Also discuss how you will address the challenges of sniffing on a switched network
in the testing process.
Question 2:
“A Consultantʼs Viewpoint and Relationships” Please respond to the following:
Read and reflect upon the “Top Ten – Considerations for Evolving into the Role
of a Consultant” in Chapter 5 of Robertsʼ text. Propose three (3) actions that
IT professionals should undertake in order to successfully achieve the Top
Ten. Determine the single most paramount consideration, and justify your
As an IT professional who may face differing and competing priorities from
business units, suggest one (1) strategy for negotiating an achievable project
scope without damaging the relationship with business units. Support your
answer with the steps that you would take in order to implement your strategy.


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