Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

Unit 5 Project: Managing Our Virtual Profile

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  • Points 100
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Throughout this course, we have explored and focused on using Web 2.0 tools to build and to enhance our virtual profile.
In this last project component, we will reflect upon what we have learned in this course and through our project assignments and we will also link data by graphing our LinkedIn network. Note: Your Linking Data screenshot can be pasted here in this file on a separate page, or you can upload a separate file.
Project Reflection Instructions
Create a 1-2 page report using MS Word in which you respond to the following points and questions. Include a cover page. If you do happen to use any external resources, use APA citation and include a References page. Before you begin this report, look at the “General Tips from Our Career Services Department” below the bulleted list.

  • Consider how your use of the Web has changed since you began your study of Web 2.0 earlier this term. Identify and describe the one Web 2.0 tool or application that you found to be the most beneficial for your own personal and professional use that you learned from this class.
    • Explain why you selected this tool.
  • The project components provided you with an opportunity to build and to enhance an online profile, identity, image, and persona.
    • Explain the value of building such a profile relative to your professional career path.
    • How will you continue to build your LinkedIn profile to leverage job and career advancement?
  • What three steps will you take to create and maintain a positive and professional online image or profile of yourself?
    • Present these steps in the order you believe to be important.
  • Assume you are a mentor to a young relative who is active on social media and plans to pursue a career in business. What advice would you give this young person about managing his or her online image?
General Tips from Our Career Services Department
·         Remember the internet is very public.
·         Clean up your digital footprint. Remove any pictures, content, and links that might put you in a negative light.
·         Conduct regular searches on yourself to see what you might find.
·         Remember that employers investigate job applicants through internet searches and social media sites.
·         Use social media sites to your advantage. Pay attention to the image you wish to convey.

Watch this tutorial video on using the Kumu tool to map your LinkedIn Contact Data.
Map your LinkedIn contact data in your LinkedIn account. Take a screen shot. Paste the screen shot into a Word file and upload as a second file in the submission area.
Upload Instructions:
Select the Submit Assignment button to the right. Click Choose File, located in the File Upload box. Navigate to your file location. Once the file is located, select it and then select the Open button. Click Submit Assignment to complete the upload process.
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Unit 5 Project Rubric
Unit 5 Project Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts  
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProject Reflection
• Identifies single most important Web 2.0 tool or application relative to personal and professional use.
• Explains the value of building and online persona.
• Explains value of LinkedIn profile.
• Presents 3 steps to managing an online persona in order of importance.
• Describes advice for managing a positive online persona.
• Reflection 1-2 pages in length.
85.0 pts
Full Marks
0.0 pts
No Marks
85.0 pts  
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProject Reflection Mechanics and APA
• Written at a college level with proper sentence and paragraph structure, proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
• Includes a cover page
• Any additional resources used are properly cited using APA.
• If additional resources are used, a references page is included.
15.0 pts
Full Marks
0.0 pts
No Marks
15.0 pts  
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeExtra Credit
Maps LinkedIn Contacts; Provides screen shot of map.
15.0 pts
Full Marks
0.0 pts
No Marks
15.0 pts  
Total Points: 115.0


Information Systems homework help


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