Information Systems homework help

Assignment Instructions
Part 1: Concepts from Unit Reading
Answer and provide a brief explanation (30–50 words) to each of the following five questions.
According to ISO standard 27037, which of the following is an important factor in data acquisition? (Choose all that apply.)
A. The DEFR’s competency
B. The DEFR’s skills in using the command line
C. Use of validated tools
D. Conditions at the acquisition setting
Hashing, filtering, and file head analysis make up which function of digital forensics tools?
A. Validation and verification
B. Acquisition
C. Extraction
D. Reconstruction
Which forensic image format creates or incorporates a validation hash value in the image format? (Choose all that apply).
A. Expert witness
C. aff
D. dd
Part 2: Functions of Digital Forensics Tools
Beginning with acquisition and validation, describe all six functions of digital forensics tools. (Minimum 100 words each)
Part 3: Validating Data
What does it mean to validate data? Describe how hexadecimal editors and hash values are used to validate data. (Minimum 200 words)


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