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Law homework help. APER ON: It’s Better Than It Looks: Reasons for Optimism in an Age of Fear By Gregg Easterbrook: buy on google books 2.99
DUE MAY 6th BEFORE MIDNIGHT: MUST BE IN GOOGLE DOC OR MICROSOFT WORD DOC. For this paper, I want you to evaluate Gregg Easterbrook’s argument in his book It’s Better than It Looks. You will produce a 4-7 page paper that forwards an argument and that references the Easterbrook book. The paper should begin with a thesis/main argument, exhibit a strong knowledge of the Easterbrook book and should cite it judiciously. Adding some analysis using the International Justice theories is a bonus, but not mandatory.
You may forward any argument for or against Easterbrook that you like. You can agree with Easterbrook in general or specifically, you can disagree with him generally or specifically, you can focus on the whole book or on specific chapters.
Make sure not to fall into the trap of defusing data with anecdotal evidence alone. For instance, saying the world isn’t really peaceful because of ISIS doesn’t defuse Easterbrook’s argument. He has taken ISIS into account. So you need to take his argument and evidence a little more seriously than that.
Here are some guiding questions in case you need them:
-Is the world really a much better place than it used to be?
-Is Easterbrook too optimistic in his approach? Does he ignore important data?
-What is the role of the media and politicians in sullying our view of the world? Why are they so negative?
-Choose two or three chapters: what are holes in Easterbrook’s arguments in these chapters? What other data or arguments can you propose?

Law homework help


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