Law homework help

Law homework help.

For this assignment you will watch a part of a trial or court proceeding. You can choose to watch at the Allen County Court, Federal District Court or a local court where you reside. You can watch online at, Or  You will be analyzing the case based on what we have learned in chapters 3, 4 and 22 if you pick a criminal case. For this assignment you need to provide the following information:

  1. Describe the court 15 PTS
    1. What type of Court (criminal, civil, state, local, federal, etc). Using the text explain why it is possibly in the specific court, include discussion of venue and jurisdiction.
    2. Physical description of the courtroom. What are your observations and how does that compare to what was discussed in the chapters.
  2. Describe the case that you observed.  50 PTS 
    1. Name of case or defendant
    2. Type of case . What are the elements of the offense required for conviction? (Check the Indiana Code
    3. What stage of the case did you watch? Compare to the stages described in chapter 4. Explain where this stage fits within the entire trial process.
    4. How did what you see compare or contrast to what the book discusses about the judiciary, court proceedings, and/or criminal law?

Other observations  (What did you notice about the people involved? How was the case handled? Etc.) 15 PTS

  1. Conclusion: What is your overall impression after watching the case? 20 PTS

Page limit: 2 pages

Law homework help


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