Literature homework help

Literature homework help. Research Paper Structure


· Provide a meaningful title that lends insight to what your paper is all about.
· Summarize your paper ensuring that the major points are highlighted (150 words or less).
· Introduce your topic by summarizing the salient points in your assigned chapter. Demonstrate that you understand the intrinsic points of the chapter and based on your understanding, show current phenomenon (in our society) that resonates with what you gathered from the chapter.  Introduce your research topic and indicate what aspect of the chapter compelled you to choose your topic.
Aim of the paper/study/Research Question:
· Clearly state what you intend to accomplish with your project. Pose a clear research question(s) or hypothesis(ses)
Literature Review:
· Review extensively literature that covers your topic of research. Cover several aspects of the topic including previous work that support and/or refute your standpoint
Theoretical Framework:
· What specific theory or theories – from your chapter or elsewhere – will inform your work? Remember the goal of theory is to explain a phenomenon; therefore, this theory will help explain your findings/results.
· What exactly did you do? How did you go about collecting your data or gathering your information? Justify the method(s) you used to gather your data.
· What emerged from your study? Present both as graphs, charts, tables and narrative in an organized fashion.
Discussion / Conclusion:
· Review the aim of the study and determine whether you achieved that aim. Are there other thoughts you wish to communicate? What are some of the limitations of your study especially in terms of methodology? What suggestions would you give for future research in this area of study?
Reference List:
· Ensure that all appropriately cited works in your paper are provided in this section using the APA style.

Literature homework help


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