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can somebody writ4e me a research essay over an essay I already started ” the beauty and the beast” ? requirements : Length and Format: The literary analysis should be at least 1500 words and should not exceed 1800 words in length (which will roughly translate to a length of between 5 and 6 pages) and should be formatted according to MLA guidelines.
Assignment Overview: Students will choose one of their two previous literary analyses (either the Fairy Tale Analysis or the American Realism Analysis) and work to expand significantly upon their initial conclusions with the added support of thorough research.
In other words, you are expanding your initial argument on one of the previous essays by introducing a more thorough basis in research, breakdown of symbols, and introduction of relevant context.
Objective: Having chosen one of the two previous essays to work with, students will expand significantly upon their earlier discoveries by engaging in both thorough and demonstrative research as well as engaging in a textual analysis that includes a full look at symbolism, the cultural and historical context of the literary work, and basic observations that may reveal important qualities or characteristics about the culture that produced the text.

  • Students should begin by thoroughly researching both the historical and cultural context of the literary piece that they have chosen as well as the context of the author who wrote the piece so that they are fully aware of the circumstances surrounding the writing of the text […] be sure to include relevant information from your research in the essay.
  • Students should make an attempt to identify important symbols from the text and explore their meanings and their relation to both the rest of the text as a whole and the context in which the text was produced […] students should expand beyond the symbols that they had identified in the first essay.
  • Students should also engage in a close reading of the text itself, identifying details that may reveal attitudes and characteristics of the culture that produced the text […] see if these observations and findings fit with what you uncover about the historical and cultural context in your research.
  • Finally students should compose an effective and original argument based upon their observations that demonstrate critical thinking.
  • Students ought to provide a brief synopsis of the text at the very beginning of their essay to provide some context for what they will be discussing or responding to in their analysis […] this portion should not dominate the essay length.

Additional Notes:

  • The essay should avoid plagiarism, and the essay will need to include both a Works Cited as well as appropriate inclusion of in-text quotations and citations.


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