Literature homework help

  • Prompt: Submit the three critical elements that your Findings must contain, as explained in the lecture for this week’s assignment. First, state the issue or question and then answer the question or issue. There are three essential elements that your Findings must address.
  • Requirements: Two (2) pages; not more than 500 words in APA format

Final Project:

  • Prompt: Portfolio assignment will be reviewed by for originality review and APA format compliance of secondary research sources.
    • Prepare the formal capstone research project using the following guidelines:
  • A minimum of 20-30 pages, typed, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, using APA standards for reference sources
  • The format of the capstone research project must follow Appendix D – Major Components of Research Case Studies
  • Written in the third person, past tense (because the research is now complete, over, and finished)
  • An appropriate and applicable biblical principle associated with each major section and subsection of the research proposal
  • A Literature Review of existing secondary research sources on your chosen subject of research (minimum 5 pages)
  • A bibliography (also called Reference Page or Works Cited) with a minimum of 10 references are required, including the text, The Holy Bible(New Living Translation), books and articles from academic sources (Net Library), and other periodicals

Oral presentation:
Prompt: Integrating your understanding from the assigned readings from the textbooks, develop and submit Microsoft PowerPoint slides of an oral presentation of Appendix D from the syllabus as if you were going to present your formal, completed capstone research project in front of an actual audience.


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