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Create an Anthology– For this option, you will compile an anthology of articles, poems, short stories, and/or books that are from the same period, same theme, or same literary form. You must include an introduction to show your understanding of the subject and provide an annotated bibliography that includes a summary and justification for inclusion into the anthology.
An anthology is a collection. You are putting together a collection of readings!!
STEP 1 – Choose a topic for your anthology. How are your sources connected? Are they all from the same author? Are they all from the same time period? Are they all poems? Are they all short stories? Are they all the same theme?
STEP 2 – Choose what will be included in the anthology. You may include short stories, poems, drama, books (fiction and nonfiction), films, journal articles,  and magazine articles. There should be a minimum of 10 sources in your anthology. Six of the sources must be from the textbook.
STEP 3– Write an introduction to your anthology. The introduction should state explicitly the topic/theme of your collection. The introduction should also show that you are knowledgeable about the subject. If you cite any information (i.e. quote, summarize, or paraphrase) in your introduction, be sure to include the full bibliographic information on a work cited page at the end of your anthology.
STEP 4 – Include an annotated bibliography of your sources in MLA format. There should be a minimum of 10 sources. Six of the sources must be from the textbook. The annotation (paragraph) must include a summary AND an explanation of why that source is included in the anthology. The annotation (paragraph) should be a minimum of 100 words.
STEP 5– Make sure your sources are listed in alphabetical order by the author(s) last name. Please include ALL the bibliographic information (where it may be found) in MLA format. If you need help with getting the full bibliographic information, please let me know and/or contact one of the campus librarians. They are NOT on campus because the campus is closed, so please send the librarian an email if you need assistance. I have included additional resources in the the Anthology folder to help you with writing an annotated bibliography.


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