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The final Social Media Marketing Plan is due by the last class session where a final presentation of a high level overview of your plan will be shared with the class. Late projects will not be accepted, this is 30% of your final grade. It is recommended that this final project be created in Word, please email me if you have an alternative format you’d like to complete the project in.
If you are not able to upload to Canvas, please send to me in an email ( A clean outline (without descriptions) can be found at the end of this document.
Title Page
A creative title page that lists your project organization, your name, the date, and the course.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
This should be written as a summary of all of the components of your plan. Begin with a general overview of your mission for the social media marketing strategy. Overall, you should briefly address “What the social media plan is,” “Why you have a social media plan,” “How you will execute the plan and measure success,” “Where you’re found online – which channels/platforms you’re using,” and “Who you are and who you’re targeting.”
Describe your client, what you hope to accomplish through social media and the type of presence you’ll have. Is your vision to be a leading voice in your industry, attract new customers, encourage repeat sales, act as a community? Describe what you hope to accomplish and you’re overarching mission.
Overview of Goals
How will you measure overall success (KPIs)? Include SMART goals for each social media platform you will use. This will give us a timing and overall sense of WHY you are on social media, and what you plan to accomplish.
SWOT Analysis
(Here’s a template:
This should be included as a grid outlining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the client relating to the social media presence.
Summary of Competitors/Comparators
Clean up and modify your social media audits for this section. Incorporate any feedback you received, so that it fits in this section and continues to tell your “Social Media Marketing Plan” story. This should be a direct competitor of your client.
Summary of Target Audience (Including 2 Personas)
Describe your target audience and include personas that you created from previous weeks. This should be modified to fit within the plan so that it is consistent with the plan.
Content Strategies
Describe the types of content you’ll share with your audience and describe why your audience responds to this type of content? As you include options here, answer the question “So what?” this will get at why it’s important to your target audience. Example: Videos resonate with the audience because they can be engaging and relate to the student experience. “So What?” My audience is active on social media and shares this content with their followers, which increases a KPI of “shares” that was brought up earlier in the plan… This will end up relating to your Content Calendar in the following sections. Include examples of each type of content.
Blog, Infographics, Memes, Events, Videos, Photos, Quotes, Resources, Surveys, Contests Posts, Content Curation, Newsletters)
Discover & Curate Content
List 10 website/sources you’ll look for content, create content and share types of content. If someone were to take over your social media plan, this would tell them where to find content and what to look for in 10 steps. This relates to your content calendar.
Primary Social Media Platforms
Which social media platforms will you primarily use to accomplish your social media goals? Describe why and how they’ll be used. Examples: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Others?
Sample Posts
For each platform you will have at least 2 examples of posts, these should appear “ready to publish” if you were to implement your plan tomorrow.
Content Calendar
Outline in a table for ONE MONTH when you will post for each channel, the time of day, the source of content, if it’s curated or original content.
Blog Post
Write an original blogpost (250-500 words) that resonates with your audience, this would be original content you’d share that would increase visibility of your client. It should relate to your client and your audience.
Additional Resources
Resource Needed (Hootsuite, Canva, community management tools, etc.)
Team Needed (Intern, Photographer etc.)
Budget Needed (Paid Ads, Stock Photography, Agency, Social Media Asst., Constant Contact, Website)

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Mission/Vision
  5. Brief Overview of Goals
  6. SWOT Analysis
  7. Summary of Competitors
  8. Summary of Target Audience (2 Personas)
  9. Content Strategies
  10. Discover & Curate Content
  11. Primary Social Media Platforms
  12. Sample Posts
  13. Content Calendar
  14. Blog Post
  15. Additional Resources
    1. Resource Needed (Hootsuite, community management tools, etc.)
    2. Team Needed (Intern, Photographer etc.)
    3. Budget Needed (Paid Ads, Stock Photography, Agency, Social Media Asst., Constant Contact, Website)

Management homework help


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