Management homework help

Management homework help.  
HRT 4760 Assignment 17
Four Seasons Case Analysis
Name: __
Where to find a copy of the actual case:  Four Seasons Goes To Paris: 53 Properties 24 Countries 1 Philosophy. This case study is available either through the Bronco Bookstore or on-line through the Harvard Business School Publishing. Use this URL for your online search:
Who:   HRT 4760 Students. Each student will submit a case analysis on Four Seasons.
What:  Four Seasons case analysis write-up. This is an individual assignment and not a group effort.
Why:   This assignment will help familiarize you with the Four Seasons Hotel organization—especially from their focusing on the importance of providing excellent customer service.
How to complete this assignment: You will read the case, make handwritten notes, and answer the questions.
The product that you will produce: You will capture this form as a document, complete it, and upload it to Blackboard (as you have with your other assignments for this course. Begin your answer right after the question as demonstrated in the example question 1.
Expected length of any answer: Students are expected to provide short, but complete answers, based on the information provided in the case. Some answers will likely be one-to-two sentences. Others will perhaps be one-to-two paragraphs. I am more interested in you thinking about your answer carefully and writing a thoughtful answer than the length.
Direct lift of answers without citation: You use your own words or use direct lifts (you do not have to cite) in answering the questions. The answers will be obvious when you locate them in the case. However, when a question asks for your synopsis, I want to read your words – so answer the questions and do not just plug direct lifts into answers when it asks for your opinion. (Remember, I have read the case MANY times %~).
Hints for successful completion: I would approach this assignment by having the case, a device open to this assignment, and a pen and writing tablet. From there I would use the following sequential steps:

  1. Read the case question
  2. Read the case (itself) until I find the correct answer
  3. Make notes and compose an answer
  4. Type the answer in immediately following the question (see question 1 as an example). If it works for you and your device, please provide the answers to your questions in blue color.
  5. Save and upload this completed assignment by the deadline (early is fine!). Before you upload, make sure that this assignment is thoughtfully prepared, ready, edited, spell and grammar checked, and the best that you are capable of creating.

Your 20 questions begin here:

  1. To Four Seasons, what does ‘delivering consistently exceptional service’ mean? Example answer (This is an example answer. You do not need to answer this question). For Four Seasons, that meant providing high-quality, truly personalized service to enable guests to maximize the value of their time, however the guest defined doing so.
  2. Describe the elements of the general manager target bonus plan.
  3. Discuss the concept of customer service extending to all levels in the organization—especially how it related to managers.
  4. Discuss top management team longevity at Four Seasons.
  5. What does Corinthios mean when he states, “Our strength is our diversity and our singularity…”?
  6. What does David Crowl mean when he states, “Each hotel is tailor made”?
  7. Four Seasons was described as being a ‘cultural chameleon’. What does that statement mean and how does that compare to Disney?
  8. List and briefly discuss the seven Four Seasons ‘Service culture standards’.
  9. Four Seasons stated that they ascribe to 270 core worldwide operating standards. Discuss how exceptions are permitted to these standards.
  10. How did Four Seasons evaluate each property’s performance against the standards?
  11. Briefly discuss how the Four Seasons standards relate to the culture of the organization.
  12. What is ‘just-for-you’ personal service?
  13. Define the ‘Golden Rule’ and discuss the role of that concept at Four Seasons.
  14. What is the French law ‘right to light’ and how did it affect basement workers (such as those who worked in the laundry)?
  15. Four Seasons did not ‘fire at will’. Explain this concept and explain Four Season’s reasons for not using it.
  16. Describe four major differences between North American and French National Culture.
  17. Describe the effects of the 35-hour work week.
  18. How did Four Seasons spread the culture and ‘de-demonize’ the U.S. with regard to recruitment and selection in France?
  19. What is meant by the Four Seasons George V being a cultural cocktail?
  20. Discuss the results of the service quality audit at the Four Seasons George V of October 2000.


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