Management homework help

Management homework help. MGMT 620 – International Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour
Please answer the 4 questions below. In your answers, please pay attention to the following:
a. Develop logical thoughts and arguments that demonstrate your mastery of the concepts and use of knowledge.
b. Be clear and concise, but also make sure to express your thoughts fully.
c. Focus on the question being asked, and give straightforward answers.
d. Try not to exceed 2 pages per question. Formatting: Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double-spaced pages.
Good luck!
1) Briefly explain the differences between moral universalism, ethnocentrism, and ethical relativism. In your view, which approach is the best to deal with ethical issues in international OB? Why?
2) Why is managing human resources much more complex and important in the international context? Discuss your answer with respect to selection, training, and compensation of the international workforce.
3) Why is language (verbal and nonverbal) often a cause of miscommunication across cultures? What can international managers do to minimize such communication problems?
4) What is stereotyping? In what ways do you think people might stereotype you? Give a few examples.

Management homework help


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