Management homework help

Management homework help. Correlate your Work Experience with the course outcomes listed below-Should be Minimum 250 Words.
Organization Theory – Course Outcome  
1. Enhance   understanding of organizations and organization theory.
2. Synthesize   organizational strategy, design, effectiveness, and structure.
3. Develop an   understanding of open system design elements, with an added focus on the   international environment.
4. Analyze internal   organizational design elements.
5. Integrate culture, values, innovation, change and conflict management, and decision-making processes as part of organizational dynamics.
Work Experiences
• As an Oracle ERP Test Lead was responsible for managing 6 resources who were part of the testing team
• Able to extract back end data using SQL/Toad queries
• Involved in Integration testing using various FTP folders.
• Managed a team onsite as well as offshore
• Responsible for Test Plan Preparation, Test Strategy Preparation, Team Meetings Facilitation, Defect Tracking Facilitation, etc.
• Analyze, design, prototype, configure, test, document, and implement new or modify existing software to support various business processes.
• Learn overall business operations and help develop innovative solutions to improve productivity
• Assist key users in testing new functionality, documenting and retaining ERP knowledge
• Documented testing results and updated the same for verification to the management
• Involved in developing Test Plans and Test cases for the entire functionality of the portal.
• Understanding and analyzing the Business functionality of existing systems of Issue to Resolve
• Written Standard test scripts for Oracle Accounts Payable and Oracle accounts receivable Modules.
• Involved in Unit Testing and System Testing,
• Worked closely with Developers team for different issues
• Test a new enhancement for a Business Process
• Involved End to end testing for business process using all application tiers.

Management homework help


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