Management homework help

Management homework help.


Many people that are eager to start a small business may come up with an idea and begin discussing it with professors, friends and other business people. At this stage the entrepreneur needs a business plan.  A business plan is a detailed written document that describes the nature of the business, the target market, the advantages the business will have over competition and the resources and qualifications of the owner(s).  A business plan is also mandatory for talking with bankers or other investors.


Please refer to “COURSE DOCUMENTS” for an example of a business plan.Click on “Course Documents” button and then click on the link ‘business plan sample’ to view a completed copy of a business plan.


Write a business plan with a minimun of 10 pages. A good business plan is between 20 and 50 pages long. When preparing your business plan please include the cover letter, executive summary, company background, management team, financial plan, capital required, marketing plan, location analysis, manufacturing plan (if needed) and appendix in Chapter 6 as a guide in writing your business plan. Remember, your business plan  needs to be at least 10 pages, double space and font size 12.


A business plan is probably the most important document a small business owner will ever create. To write a good business plan you will need at least three weeks to complete the business plan.


PLEASE BE MINDFUL that students need to have access to Microsoft Word in order to complete work on Moodle.  Microsoft Word should be used when completing this assignment.

The business plan should be one document using Microsoft Word. Don’t forget to SAVE your business plan.

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Management homework help


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