Management homework help

Management homework help.

The overall purpose of this assignment is to compel you to REFLECT about
what you have learned about yourself and your interpersonal skills
throughout this short, fast semester AND to APPLY the theories &
concepts, see them in action so that you can PUT THEM in action as you move forward, after taking this course!
Part 1 One objective here is to help you consider how your interpersonal skills, both your strengths and weaknesses, influence your ability to work well and get along with others (as well as how these qualities affect your
management potential and future success in the workplace) and to
provoke your thinking toward an action plan of how you can use the
knowledge from this course to increase your chances for success in the
workplace! I also want you to be able to put these theories and concepts
to use in your work life, now and in the future.
What IS required for this paper (and for your learning)
is the completion of ten (total) assessments.Five specific assessments are mandatory. The essay should be 3 pages long with no Plagiarism.
Part 2
Take Action?
Here is where you reflect further upon the self
assessment results and what you may have learned this semester about
yourself and the concepts in Organizational Behavior….and what you might
do about it.Given the self assessment results and discussion presented in Part 1 and anything else that you may have learned in this class, identify and discuss three of your interpersonal skills/style/ability to work with people three strengths and three weaknesses what you might do to improve upon your weaknesses and further develop your strengths, being as specific as
possible.  What do you think will be your biggest challenges in trying to
make any changes or improvements?  Finally, which of the self
assessments do you think was the most useful to you and why?  Similarly,
which was the least useful and why?
Self Assessments
I have chosen these five areas of focus as required because they represent
key aspects of your ability to work with others.
1.Big Five Personality
.  This assessment is widely used and has been shown to have considerable impact on an individual’s work behavior.  There are a lot of personality assessments out there and available for use, and I am not advocating that this one be used as an employee selection tool.  However, having a good understanding of yourself on these five dimensions can give you some insight into yourself that you might not have thought about.
In addition to completing this assessment and reporting on all five dimensions, be sure to read the text material as well as the article I provided in Week 2, linked here when you are thinking and writing your paper.
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Management homework help


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