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Paper requirement
750 – 1000 words
Write a response to the topics and themes covered in Monday and Wednesday lecture.
Be sure to include detail on the films, aesthetics, and historical contexts taught during that week. You may focus on particular topics of your interest, including (but not restricted to): movement, technology, evolution of style, important figures in animation, animation techniques, costuming, etc.
Two parts:
1. Overview of Animated Features (non-Disney)
An overview – from Max Fleischer, Gulliver’s Travels to Yellow Submarine and Fritz The Cat – and beyond.
2 Stop Motion Pioneers
Samples from the masters: Willis O’Brien, Ray Harryhausen, George Pal, Art Clokey (Gumby), Rankin-Bass (Rudolf), Will Vinton, Aardman, Nick Park, Henry Selick and more.


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