Management homework help

Management homework help.

You are a research group from BSocialMarketing, LLC. -a marketing consulting company that evaluates the effectiveness of clients’ social media activities/ websites.
As a group, you will select a publicly-traded company and analyze the social media aspects of that company.
Over the last several years, more companies have begun to use social media as part of their overall communication and marketing strategies, and you have been asked to investigate…

  • how successful is their social media campaign,
  • what are the current trends,
  • how companies have changed the way they do business,
  • and what the future looks like in the context of social media use.

Objective of research:

  1. Investigate how your selected company is using social media to enhance communications and business interactions within the company (internal communication: Employee) and externally with partners, vendors, customers, and the community. Social media includes but not limit to: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.…
  2. Investigate the individual company by asking…
    •             What specific examples and details is the company using social media?
    •             How are they being implemented? Is there a strategy?
    •             What are their objectives?
    •             Are they successful?
    •             What results have they seen that can specifically be tied to social media? Increase in revenue or customer satisfaction?
    •             What improvements could they make?

Management homework help


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