Management homework help

Management homework help. Design the ideal organization, using concepts we have covered this
semester to defend your answer.
OBJECTIVE: Students will design a business model based on OB concepts learned in
class. Besides identifying the main mechanisms or outcomes of OB, they will have to
pick sub-topics that directly relate to their business and explain why and how they would
use these concepts in their organization.
FINAL DRAFT DUE ON MOODLE: MAY 6, 2020 – 100 Points
You are to write an essay:
1) Double Spaced.
2) 12 point Font.
3) 1 inch margins.
4) NO Less than 6 pages. NO more than 10 pages. (Thus, your essay should range
between 1500 – 2500 words, if you are using a word counter).
9 points if all 4 parameters, above, are included.
6 points if 3 are included.
0 points < 3 are included.
Organize your essay as follows: WHAT, WHY, HOW
Introduction : Introduce your business: Include name, kind of business, vision/mission,
size (how many people will work for you—including management), location of
business, and target market.
Why and how you are organizing your business around OB concepts.
8 points at 5+ sentences.
5 points at 4 sentences.
0 points a <4 sentences.
Individual Outcomes: How will you achieve the 2 OB Individual Outcomes in your
business? Explain using examples of at least two subtopics discussed in your
textbook. NOTE: Be sure to refer back to these Individual Outcomes throughout
your essay by explaining how each of the Mechanisms / Characteristics tie into
this goal.
12 points: 2 points for each of the 2 individual outcome with 2 subtopics
discussed for each
Organizational Mechanisms: How would you set up the two organizational
mechanisms in your business? Discuss why these two concepts are important
towards healthy organizations . Explain how you would implement them in your
15 points: 7.5 points each organizational mechanism
Group Mechanisms: Explain how each of the 4 group mechanism topics would be
achieved in your business. Choose at least one subtopics for each group
mechanism to clarify your position. Explain what you expect to achieve by
implementing these mechanisms as well as how you would implement each of
them in your business.
16 points: 2 points each of the 4 group mechanism and 4 subtopics
Individual Characteristics: Explain why individual characteristics are important and
choose an additional two subtopics for each. Explain how you would address
each in your business and what outcome you expect.
12 points: 2 points for each of the 2 individual characteristics with 2
subtopics discussed for each
Individual Mechanisms: Explain why each individual mechanism is so important to the
health of the organization, using an example of at least one subtopic for eac.
How would you implement in your business and what outcome would you
15 points: 3 points each individual mechanism (if includes subtopic)
Conclusion: Wrap it all up. Convince me why I want to come work at your
8 points at 5+ sentences.
5 points at 4 sentences.
0 points at <4 sentences

Management homework help


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