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You are an administrative assistant for a department with over 20 staff members and several department managers. You are looking into purchasing a new software tool that will streamline collaboration and work management in your department. You have selected a tool that you feel will meet the needs of the department.
Your goal is to have the new software purchased and installed within 30 days. You will need to persuade the department managers to purchase the tool.
The goal of the assignment is to write a Memo to the department managers that will discuss the importance of the tool and how the company plans to implement this change.
Your Memo must contain the following sections:

  • A header section
  • A section that discusses the purpose of the message
  • A section that discusses why a new collaboration tool is needed and the benefits of the tool
  • A section that discusses how the company plans on implementing the new collaboration tool

Note: You do not need to provide any technical details on the software tool.

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