Management homework help

Need the following questions answered below. I have provided additional information to help assist with understanding and properly answering questions.  There is no minimum number of pages or words required. Simply answer the entire question completely.
1. When using the ability-to-pay method of wage determination, what factors need to be included in evaluating an employer’s ability to pay? (see attached Word document)
2. Health insurance plans are almost always included in labor agreements. Discuss recent developments of this benefit in terms of (see health care document 1&2)
*What is covered
*What it costs
*Who pays
* Include in your answer the most recent attempts at controlling the skyrocketing cost of health insurance.  What are union attitudes toward these attempts?
3. Discuss the development and present status of right-to-work laws in America. In your answer show your understanding of these laws in relation to federal legislation. (see word document)
4. Why does subcontracting remain an area of large controversy in collective bargaining and what exactly have unions tried to do regarding it? (see subcontracting document 1&2)
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