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Module 3 Activity

In this assignment, you are going to create your initial preparedness plan and a “virtual” go-bag, sometimes referred to as a “bug-out bag” or survival bag based on what we know so far (or what we think we know, though things might change later) about the zombie outbreak that has just begun. First, ask yourself, are we really sure that whatever the outbreak is that it is being spread by “zombies”? Where will you get your information?Use the Use the resources in this module, including the planning documents in this assignment to help you develop your initial preparedness plan, and your virtual go bag. When developing your “virtual” go bag/bug out/survival bag for the first 72 hours of the outbreak, you are not required to create a real bag or purchase any materials, but rather, develop the bag on paper based on what you think you will need. Be realistic, and be sure to consider if you are also preparing for family members, roommates, etc.The personal preparedness plan should include the following:

  • Where you are getting your information to inform your individual preparedness planning. What information could the field of public health provide you?
  • What your plan is for the first 0-3 hours, then 3-12 hours, and then 12-72 hours, i.e., the first three days. Are you staying or sheltering in place, and what happens if you need to leave suddenly. Where will you go? Again, be realistic!
  • Anticipate and discuss what potential problems you would envision possibly happening across the first 72 hours.

The virtual go bag should include the following:

  • All elements for your bag per hour time per the bag template
  • Cost of items- individually and total for all items
  • Weight of items- individually and total for all items

Use the Family Emergency Plan and the Family Communications Plan as sample tools when developing your personal preparedness plan.Your personal preparedness plan and virtual go bag will be evaluated based upon the instructions and the assignment grading rubric, as well as standard formatting using logical progression, correct grammar and syntax, citations referenced per APA style within text and a list of references, font size, page number, etc. Your total assignment should be 2-4 pages, not including cover page and list of references page per APA format. Feel free to include a picture of bag, or other items you plan to use, but include them as an appendix to the assignment.Submit your completed work as an attachment to this Dropbox in Blackboard and include your last name in the name of your file


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