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Chapter 1 – Consultants and Consultancy
A student must post their own authentic discussion post prior to accessing threads to reply to peers.* Provide an authentic reply to each of the following questions for the Week 1 discussion post. After carefully reviewing chapter 1, a student should be able to successfully reflection and discussion the questions below.
Answer the following questions, in your opinion and from your knowledge gained through course readings.
1. How can a business or organization benefit from using a consultant?
2. Have you or your organization used consultants in the past? If so, give a brief description of how the consultant interacted within your organization. If not, why do you feel they have not used a consultant service in the past?
3. Do you have an interest in becoming a consultant in the future? Why or why not?
Chapter 2 – Why does anyone buy consultancy
After reviewing Chapter 2  from the course text students will compare and contrast the services of three Management Consultanting firms identified as Forbes 2019 America’s Best list.
To complete this assignment;
Identify three Management Consulting firms from the Forbes 2019 American’s Best list (web link provided below).
For each firm (in your own words) provide, analyze, or answer the following:

  1. Provide the firm name and web page.
  2. Does this firm provide highly specialized skills or generic skills?
  3. What client need does this firm specialize in?
  4. Which phase in the change lifecycle does the firm focus on?
  5. Name three corporations or organizations this firm has identified on their client list.
  6. How do you feel this firm sets itself apart from others?
  7. How is this firm similar to at least one of the other firms you have chosen?

In order to obtain credit for this assignment, students must identify three (3) firms and provide responses to the seven (7) questions above for each. Responses or analyses must be full complete sentences, using graduate level writing and grammar skills – any outside reference must be in APA format.
Both chapter writing have to be 1.5 pages each so 3 pages all together.

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