>Management homework help

>Management homework help.

Begin by reading this article:  https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-49995985 (Links to an external site.)
Thus far, we have encountered a number of different perspectives on leadership. Choose any five leaders that are part of the course requirements and categorize them on their apparent use, or not, of moral judgment and moral vision.  Defend your answers in detail by providing examples from the readings, videos, and quizzes for weeks 1-3. Based on the course content, how well do your five leaders fit with your original list of preferred, or not, leader characteristics?  How do you see Kerger and Putin enacting moral judgment and moral vision? Finally, what are our expectations for organizations to exercise moral judgment and moral vision?  Do we hold organizations to different standards than we do individuals?  Explain.
Five People are
1. Confucius
2. Andrew Jackson
3. Sigmund Fred
4. Hannah Arendt
5. Niccolo Machiavelli
Below are videos we’ve watched :

To complete a discussion appropriately, you will meet the following criteria:

  1. Think of discussion boards as mini-research papers. We want to keep them focused and integrated.
  2. Choose points that you find interesting/important and elaborate on those points in your discussion. Do NOT describe or restate the content of the discussion reading or video.
  3. minimum response is 600 words.
  4. Every initial response is required to include, minimum, three scholarly or peer-reviewed resources to support your response outside of your required texts. Our library allows you to choose these settings to help you find appropriate research to support your work.
  5. Do NOT use Wikipedia.com, wiki-anything, about.com, how.com, answers.com, blogs, or any other generic answer base, because you cannot verify the accuracy of the information on the website. Instead, search our extensive library databases to find articles that contain verified information to support your discussion. If you find a blog from a notable source, you can include that information, but the blog will not count as one of your scholarly references.
  6. There are several articles in Course Documents and Web Links that you can, and should, use as references to support your discussions.
  7. Every response must be completed in APA style. That includes all citations, both in text and reference, and format. This includes indented paragraphs, font size, and other particulars that you will find specified in the APA manual. You will find an example of a paper written in APA style in the Start Here module.  Discussions do not require cover pages, tables of content, and other front matter, and can be copied and pasted from a draft document, such that attachments are not necessary.
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>Management homework help


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