Management homework help

Management homework help. MGT 302 Case 2
Workplace Motivation

  • Reading: Alanis Business Academy. (2012, August 11). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs [Video file]. Retrieved from Standard YouTube License. Permission to use video received 8/12/19 from Alanis Business Academy.
  • Aleksić-Glišović, M., Jerotijević, G., & Jerotijević, Z. (2019). Modern approaches to employee motivation. Ekonomika, 65(2), 121-133. doi:10.5937/ekonomika1902121A

For the assignment, you will consider the topic of employee motivation. There are many ways to impact employee motivation, such as with job enrichment or rotation, work-life balance, flexible work hours, job sharing, telecommuting, employee recognition and empowerment, and financial incentives.
Begin with some personal reflection. Consider a time at work when you felt highly motivated. Think about exactly what motivates you personally. Can you apply Maslow’s and Herzberg’s theories to yourself? For this assignment, you will discuss these ideas in a hypothetical situation in which you are offered the opportunity to develop a presentation that introduces employees to tools your company may adopt to increase employee motivation.
For this Module 2 two-part Case Assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the following topic as Part 1 of the assignment:
Your employer has asked for your assistance in the creation of a presentation to the employees regarding tools your company will adopt to increase employee motivation. You have come up with 5 tools that you feel will motivate the employees to complete their work in a satisfactory manner, leading to meeting organizational goals.
Part 1:
Your presentation should cover the following:

  • What are 5 tools managers and organizations use to motivate their employees? Include a short discussion of which of the two theories (Maslow or Herzberg, or both) addresses each tool on the appropriate slides’ notes page.
  • What can employees do to motivate themselves?
  • What motivates you to complete your own work?
  • Are you motivated according to the theory of Maslow or Herzberg?

Your presentation must contain at least 10 slides (cover slide, five slides for the five tools, two slides for self-motivation, Maslow and Herzberg, and reference list) but you can have more. Use in-text citations and a reference list, with at least two high-quality scholarly references for support. High-quality references are academically peer-reviewed journals or text books. The citations can be inserted onto the notes pages rather than on the actual slides.
Note 2: Each slide should contain only one short bullet point (or else transition each point in one at a time). All those other words must go on the notes pages and they become your talking points. A simple way to come up with references is to take the assignment’s questions and shorten them to a few words. For instance, I would format the questions in this assignment into the following headings:
5 Tools
My Motivators
Maslow or Herzberg
Part 2:
Create a colorful poster that represents the information you presented about one of the five tools you discussed in the presentation. The recipients of the poster are the company employees. You can use MS Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, or another artistic software to create the poster

Management homework help


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