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Management homework help. Unit 6 Discussion Board
During the 2010 Super Bowl, the Snicker’s candy bar campaign was voted the best ad by women 18 or older, men 18 or older, and youth 17 or younger. This ad features a neighborhood football game in which one player, who has flagging energy, is repeatedly tackled. His teammates tell him, “You play like Betty White!” The octogenarian actress and comedian appears in the ad being tackled.
1. First, if you were, how would you draw the sample to measure the best Super Bowl ad among the three groups of interest?
A. You must initially grapple with the question of whether you should draw a probability sample or a nonprobability sample. Provide reasons for which sample would be more desirable?
B. The next question is which specific sample type. If a nonprobability sample is to be chosen, how will you suggest choosing between the options, especially since the research sponsor wants to see the differences between women and men, and those younger and older than 18?  This is a good time to review the non-probability sampling options (See Exhibit 14-2). Regardless of your choice, support your choice!
C. The final question is how the sample should be drawn.  Think about sample frames and sampling processes. If a probability sample is deemed advisable, then where will you obtain a sample frame?
Remember: the “best ad” could be based on after-the-broadcast unaided recall of all ads seen during the Super Bowl broadcast, using a screening question to determine whether the possible respondent had watched the Super Bowl. Or participants could be directed to a website where Super Bowl ads could be viewed and “best ad” could be determined based on a current (undistracted) viewing.

Management homework help


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