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MGMT 3900 Individual Research Presentation (Video) Questions and Scoring Guide 
(100 points)
The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has exerted immense impacts on markets, societies, firms, and people around the globe. Although the COVID-19 virus does not discriminate against any industry and firm, not all industries and firms endure the same impacts. 
In early August, Kodak, the former giant in the analog photography era, received a $765 million loan from the US government to produce drug ingredients in the US. 
Please conduct research on the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry that Kodak is about to compete in and Kodak itself for your individual research presentation (Video). 
• Introduce the company and discuss the impacts of general environment on the market and the industry of the company (10 points).
• Discuss/identify the suppliers, buyers, potential/current new entrants, substitutes, rivals in the industry (10 points).
• Discuss the five forces of the industry following the five-force model (10 points).
• Make an overall assessment of the competitiveness/attractiveness of the industry (10 points).
• Discuss of the opportunities and threats from the external environments that the company encounters (10 points).
• Discuss of the internal strengths and weaknesses that the company possesses (10 points).
• Do you think the company can rely on its strengths to capitalize the external opportunities and address the external threats? (10 points)
Your video presentation will also be evaluated with the following requirements:
• Show your face and introduce yourself at least at the beginning of the presentation (5 points)
• Clear quality of video and audio (10 points)
• Satisfy the 5 minute time constraint ( 5 points)
• Provide proper references/citations (5 points)
• No typos (5 points)
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