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 The topic of my literature review is leadership coaching, most leaders does not understand the attributes that is needed to lead. The attributes are integrity, loyalty, commitment, confidence, selfless service. Most of the leaders who does executive coaching has to continue to get trained and sometimes challenged. Being in the military has taught us as leaders to understand that we are the example to the soldiers and that we cannot show that we are weak. In the Bible King David and King Saul was great leaders to their knights, they made sure they did everything to coach and mentor their knights and that they were trained to fight in the wars, along with showing them courage. King Saul taught King David and after he defeated Goliath Saul put him in charge of his army. Sometimes leaders train their employees to be better leaders than they are. Some employees may advance over their leaders, as leaders we must be willing to humble ourselves to allow employees to advance themselves. I learned this in the US. Army.
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