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For one dataset you describe in your email, I want you to write up a description of one dataset you describe in your email-essay. (One dataset might be Salesforce’s history of salaries and bonuses for each employee or Netflix’ set of all customer ratings for each video.) The sections you need to include in your description are listed below and come from Bartlett’s encyclopedia and dictionary (Chapter 12) and also ask for some example data.
Include the following sections:
(see Bartlett 12.2 for more definitions of some of these terms and example assignment below)

  1. Purpose of Dataset
  2. Source of dataset
  3. Time window (that the dataset represents)
  4. Cost of data (to the company)
  5. Collection techniques and tools
    • As relevant
    • See also Bartlett Chapter 10
  6. Quality
  7. Completeness
  8. Data definitions and examples
    • Include at least 3 variables/fields
    • For each column (field) in the dataset
      1. Name
      2. Definition
      3. Variable Classification (see Bartlett Table 12.1, p. 247)
  9. Example data – Create at least 10 rows of example data

For any details you cannot find in the cases or through research, make up a reasonable description.

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