Management homework help

Management homework help.

This assignment supposed to be in proposal assignment structure. You can check example from attachment.
I need this assignment in 48 hours.
Topic of assignment (It is most important part)
For this assignment, you will prepare a proposal in response to the RFP below.
“On-campus clubs, We have reading club which we read books together and argue about topic of books or articles. It always been an effective way to engage Algonquin students with the college and with their peers to create a sense of community. Over the past few months, social distancing and online learning have meant that the majority of clubs, organizations, and teams have fallen away, and the school is currently looking for ways to create online communities for students. 
Format of assignment
Write a 700-800-word proposal in block letter format. (3-page assignment) – include a word count
· Use the principal parts of the informal proposal:
o Introduction
o Background
o Proposal, method, and schedule (this section should be 45% to 55% of your assignment)
o Costs and budget
o Staffing and qualifications
o Request for authorization
Invent any necessary material but stay realistic: names, dollar amounts, addresses, titles
· Be persuasive and remember what kinds of material is most persuasive (logos, pathos, ethos)
· Use plenty of details. Think through the logistics and complications of your online club, organization, or team and speak in specific concrete details in order to be persuasive (remember that no one is persuaded by vague writing and superficially-conceived ideas)
· Think about possible objections to your idea and work around those possible objections (reduce resistance)
· Research current and past clubs, organizations, and teams at Algonquin and/or other colleges; by collecting information and working it into your idea, you will come across as more knowledgeable and be more persuasive
· Use Headings and subheadings – functional and descriptive
· Use correct Block Letter Format
· Use both in-text and end-text citations in APA to cite the sources you look at and discuss in your proposal
It will be checked for plaglarism and turnitin score.
If you have any question please let me know
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Management homework help


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