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Management Information Systems MIS300 – Spring 2020-2
Final Week Assessment (20%) – Chapter 3 & Chapter 8
Start Date: 29 July 2020- 8:00 pm
Due Date: 6 August 2020- 11:59 pm
(Note: please upload your answer on Moodle using the Final Week Assessment Submission Link)  
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Answer the following questions:

  1. Explain why data warehouse is more beneficial for organizations than individual databases? (25 points)


  1. Explain how Google Map application can represent an example of Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)? (25 points)


  1. The company is concerned that some employee’s mobile phones, laptops, and tablets maybe lost or stolen. As a graduate from MIS300 they want you to research how to protect data stored in these devices. Asking the sales people not to take their mobile phones, laptops and tablets outside the company is NOT an option. Answer the following two questions.
  2. Which is more important for businesses; the devices used by employees (e.g., mobile phones, tablets, and laptops) or the data stored in these devices? Explain why? (25 points)
  3. How would the company protect data stored on employee devices? (25 points)



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