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Key Assignment Draft Presentation
Part 1 Tasks (Week 1–4)
It is time to put your marketing plan together based on the research  that you have done through Weeks 1–4 (Part 1 tasks). Review the draft of  your marketing plan from your assignments, and expand on any sections  that need additional detail. This week, you will create a draft  PowerPoint that combines the work that you have done previously with 2  new components. The Week 5 Individual Project will build on that draft  by incorporating any Discussion Board 4 peer review comments, Individual  Project 4 instructor comments, and 2 new sections (Part 2 Tasks).
This draft should include all of the previously introduced sections  plus the additional section that is mentioned below regarding metrics.  This presentation should be done in a professionally yet appealing way.  It should incorporate a theme and the proper supporting graphics(charts,  tables, etc.), and it should focus on achieving the bank’s long-term  goals as well as your specific objectives. This presentation should be  considered as a real-life situation where you are presenting to the bank  president and senior management in an attempt for them to approve your  recommended strategy. In some ways, you are marketing your marketing  plan, so focus on the strong points, especially how your plan will  achieve the bank’s long-term strategic goals and your specific marketing  objectives. The bank president is giving you the opportunity to  practice before you present to the entire board in the final  presentation.
The assignment contains the following 12 sections:
Part 1
Components of the marketing plan include the following:

  • Introduction: (Week 1 IP)
    • Include an introduction with a discussion of advertising and public  relations and their relevance regarding achieving the bank’s strategic  goals.
  • Marketing Objectives: (Week 1 IP)
    • Align specific advertising and public relations objectives to the  bank’s strategic objectives using the specific, measurable, attainable,  relevant, time-based (SMART) methodology.
  • Target Segment Identification: (Week 2 DB)
    • Discuss why this is the best segment to select based on demographics  and a detailed discussion of needs, wants, and psychographics of that  segment.
  • Target Segment Comparison with Current Target Segment: (Week 2 IP)
    • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences regarding the  needs, wants, and psychographics of your current and new market segment.
  • Channel Comparison and Selection: (Week 2 IP)
    • Discuss whether digital or traditional approaches will provide the  best promotional channels for your new target market, and explain why.
  • Situation Analysis: (Week 3 DB)
    • Prepare a situation analysis that is comprised of a strengths,  weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis that includes  relevant banking industry and scenario-specific strengths, weaknesses,  and opportunities while focusing on your previously established goals  and your new target segment.
  • Position Statement and Branding Strategy: (Week 3 IP)
    • Create your branding strategy (position statement) for your new  target market based on your situation analysis. Discuss what key  messages from a branding perspective you wish to deliver to the new  market segment that will provide the greatest impact. Discuss why this  message will appeal directly to that market segment.
  • Advertising and Public Relations Strategies: (Week 3 IP)
    • Incorporate specifics regarding what specific channels will be used  to deliver your message to your target market to increase both reach and  frequency. This includes magazine titles, specific newspapers, or  actual social media sites as examples. Both traditional and digital must  be used.
    • Discuss why the selected advertising and public relations  strategies are appropriate regarding specific target segment  penetration.
  • Public Relations Piece: (Week 4 DB ) New Content
    • Create 1 public relations piece (e-mail, blog, or a newspaper piece)  that you will use as part of your public relations program.
  • Public Relations Piece Metrics: (Week 4 IP) New Content
    • Include specific metrics to gauge if your public relations piece  from the phase 4 Discussion Board is effective and how it will be  tracked from a return on investment perspective.
    • The board needs to know that they are spending money  effectively. For example, if you are doing a direct mailing, how will  you validate if the mailing was successful at achieving its goal? If you  are using banner ads on a partner site, how do you know that your  investment in that channel is worth the money or that it is achieving  your goal for that promotion?


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