Management homework help

Management homework help.

Individual Assignment – Overall Task Using your chosen Ivey Case Study as your client organisation, immerse yourself in the role of Management Consultant in providing a consulting service which involves the following key milestone deliverables/tasks/assignments::
Part 1: Write a comprehensive Proposal for your client (10%)
Part 2: Environmental Scanning and Analysis (10%)
Part 3: Generate Strategies and Recommend A Solution (15%) .
This 3 Part Assignment is a practice in management consulting via the use of the case study method and follows the steps outlined in the flow diagram in Appendix A.
PART 1: Write A Comprehensive Proposal for your Client: – 10% – Min of 2,000 words and max of 2,500 words due in Week 3. A consulting proposal is a document sent from a consultant to a prospective client describing a job or assignment they wish to take on and the conditions under which they will do so. Consulting proposals are usually written only after the consultant and prospective client have discussed the job at length. However, n this situation, the client BUSI 640 (V03) – Individual Assignment Brief 3 briefing is provided in the form of the Case Study. The end of each case study may contain a question(s) or a reflection about next steps or a dilemma faced by the protagonist (person at centre of the centre). Use this as your starting point and or convert into a problem statement of what the client is facing. Business proposals and business plans are not the same. The proposal’s aim is to sell your consulting service, rather than your business as a commercial entity. Whether the proposal is solicited (RFP – Request For Proposal) or unsolicited, the steps to create your proposal are similar. Simple Guide to Writing a Proposal: Also please see the PP Slides on Writing A Proposal and the Sample Proposal on Moodle/MyUCW. While the format of a proposal may vary widely and a RFP may stipulate specific headings and information, all proposals should be written in a clear and succinct manner which explicitly sets expectations of both parties and indicates the parameters of the consulting service. It should be about 2,500 words in length, and it should address the following information under designated headings: (these headings are not rigid, so choose the ones that work best for your specific client)
1. Cover Page. (Cover letter is not mandatory)
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary. Key takeaways and added value (
4. Introduction – signposting
5. Client Problem and Goals.
6. Project purpose and scope (may collapse 5 & 6 together)
7. Methodology and Process
8. List of Responsibilities
9. Anticipated Outcomes and Benefits (may collapse 9 & 10 together)
10.Project Deliverables. (not solutions – as you do not have them yet !!)
11.Timelines and Milestones
12.Pricing and Terms and Conditions.
13.Any Other Issues
15.Consultant’s profile.
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Management homework help


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