Management homework help

Management homework help.

Assignment details ( 2000 words )
You are required to work as an individual  to design a sport related product or service for either a sports participant or sports fan (supporters). In line with the diversity of the sports industry this new product/service can be developed for an existing organisation (social enterprise, public or private sector) or set up as a new organisation (Private or not for profit).
The product may be anything you wish but you should consider the following carefully:
·  The product/service value proposition (what it is and how it is going to add value or solve a problem);
·  The likely target market / customer segments for your product and the relationships you will need;
·  The channels through which the customers will access your product/service;
·  What key partners, activities and resources you need to produce your product/service
·  What are your key costs going to be?
·  How are you going to generate revenue (i.e. what is your business model)?
Question 1 : Deliverable 1 –Written report (1500 words) on new service/product
Question 2 : Deliverable 2 – Self Evaluation Report  ( 500 words )
The key project deliverables are the components of the project that are required in order for the project to be considered to have met the minimum specification required.
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Management homework help


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