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Pureplay  vs Clicks & Bricks.  Amazon  vs Walmart.
the grocery industry.
In the business world in the past few years, there has been a major battle between two business models that has been created due to the Internet, the Pureplay vs the Clicks & Bricks. Pureplay meaning the Amazons of the world, just one channel, Clicks & Bricks meaning the Barnes & Noble, Walmart of the world. The concensus seems to be the Clicks & Bricks are winning in most industries, so far. You can do some research on your own and post any comments you have here regarding the two models. In particular, how should Clicks & Bricks utilize the fact that they have both channels by creating new services.  How about groceries? What about the grocery industry?  I tried Instacart when the virus first hit.  I think this model does not really work, too expensive. if you include fees and tips, it can be up to $20 for a $100 purchase.  as soon as this is over, I am going back in  in person for sure.   how often do you buy from Amazon as vs. walmart etc.   .
which of these two types of business model(s) will work in the future? Why?
as much as we think we are buying everything online, we are not.  before the virus, we were buying about 11% of retail sales online. SO there are still a lot of foot traffic.  Now it is more but that is due to the virus. people like me will go back i person when this is over


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