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Cross Culture and International Business
This module focuses on the perspectives and interplay relating to politics, management, and ethics, legal and across cultures. While there are political, ethical, and legal perspectives associated with management in different cultures, the features of management mirrors the characteristics of the immediate environment. Meaning, management in the United States will have the features of our environment, but will remain flexible to allow for participation in management at international frontiers. It is true with other management with origins outside the United States.  For instance, in some countries, ethics can be defined from a cultural or religious perspectives whereas it is not so in other countries, where the definition of ethics is based on scientific theories. Based on this premise, you will find an opportunity through your response to the Threaded Discussions to explicate the impact of culture on politics and ethical and the potential legal issues including the global perspectives.


Required Reading:

Discussion 1: Impact of culture on politics
Describe how politics impact management across cultures.
Discussion 2: Ethical and Legal Issues
Now that the BP Oil Spill has settled over the past few years, please discuss at least one ethical issue and one legal issue associated with the spill. Describe any cross cultural management implications associated with the spill. Please support your answer with academic and or legal resources.


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