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I need this assignment in 48 hours. I it should be APA style. No plaglarism. Turnitin similarity score will be checked.
[Length: min 1 page/max 2 pages]
1. Which of the 17 UN SDGs'(sustainable development goals) interest you the most/or would you like to learn about? Why you select this goal? Why does it resonate with you the most?
2. Now turn to Canada and the SDGs(sustainable development goals). Have a look at the Canadian Indicator Framework (near towards the end of the webpage):
Review the ambitions, indicators and targets for each goal. Which goals do you think is realistic for Canada by the 2030 timeframe? Which goal do you feel is least likely to be met?
3. Prepare a 1/2 page blog that would be suitable for this website – what do you want to say (to other Canadians or the world) about the SDGs?


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