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You will be required to research and write a 1,600- 2,000 word essay about consumer behavior.  The paper must include research from a minimum of 3 scholarly source (your textbook can count as one of these references).   The subject of the paper is to write an essay about the process consumers make when purchasing a product or service.   This is a top level review of the process, but I want to include at least THREE concepts from the book (ie: How does culture affect the process or Do men and women have a different process or does the cost of the service matter in the decision making process – to name a few examples).
To summarize, your job is to write this paper explaining the concept by bringing in research and information that you have learned throughout this course.
Important Information:
1. Must be a minimum of 1,600 words, and no more than 2,000
2. Must be formatted in APA  (This includes citations, references, cover page, running head…etc)
3. You MUST have a minimum of three scholarly sources
If you have ANY questions, please let me know.
Good luck.
What is an Outline
An outline is a like the skeleton of writing.  You use it to organize our thoughts and ideas and it should be built before you write an essay.   Please take some time to do some research and write an outline for your essay.  Here is an example:

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis Statement
  2. Main Point #1
    1. Sub Point
    2. Sub Point
      1. Fact/Information
    3. Sub Point
  3. Main Point #2
    1. Sub Point
      1. Important Data/Graph
    2. Sub Point
      1. Fact/Information
    3. Sub Point
  4. Main Point #3
    1. Sub Point
    2. Sub Point
      1. Fact/Information
    3. Sub Point
  5. Conclusion

CategoryPoints%DescriptionContent5029.4%Put your best foot forward in this class. Does the paper embody the major elements of consumer decision making, did the author provide enough information for a full and complete essay?Organization and Accuracy5029.4%Is the paper well organized? Is there an introduction? Are there appropriate headings for the various topics throughout the paper? Are transitions used between thoughts and topics?Documentation and Formatting3017.6%The paper contains a cover page and reference page. All sources are properly cited in-text and in the reference page.  Is the paper properly formatted in APA style, with a paper cover page, running head<Citations2011.7%Has the minimum of four reliable sources been listed on the reference page? Are citations used throughout the paper to support aspects such as the existence of the problem and the attempts to solve the problem thus far?Grammar/Spelling2011.7%The paper will exhibit proper grammar, sentence structure, and correct spelling (each instance will result in a one point loss).Total170100A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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